about Behnaz


Behnaz was born & raised in Tehran, Iran – where her life long relationship with art began. This passion drove Behnaz to complete her bachelor’s in Applied Chemistry as well as Art, and continue onto masters in Art Studies.

As a young woman, infatuated with art – Behnaz found herself moving to America to be closer to her family in Oklohoma. When asked to describe her work, Behnaz comments “My work is about me, my life – about being a woman”. She claims “I paint women as people, strong people with depth & power. They are delicate & sensitive sure – but not weak”

With her love for art, Behnaz hopes her work can inspire the array of objectified women around the globe. Her years of work and passion have led Behnaz to be the winner of the ‘Best Show at Oklahoma Art Gild’ for an impressive 4 consecutive years.



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